• There is a non-refundable registration/insurance fee of $25.00, due upon registration. 
  • Monthly tuition is due on the first lesson of the each month. Payments received on or later than the 15th of the month will automatically incur a $15.00 late fee. 
  • June's tuition is due no later than May 15th. Your child will not be permitted to participate in our annual recital unless your account is current. 
  • The monthly tuition rate remains the same throughout the year regardless of the number of weeks in a given month. Attendance does not alter monthly tuition payment. 
  • All missed classes may be made up at another time up until March 30th. 


Dress Code

Dress code is extremely important for dancers because it teaches them discipline and responsibility. More importantly, it helps them execute skills to full capacity.

    • leotard and tights of their choice
    • Ballet: Capezio pink leather Juliet Children's ballet slipper (2027C). IF SMALLER THAN A SIZE 12 - Pink leather Capezio split-sole Daisy ballet slipper (2055C)
    • Tap: Capezio Caramel Mary Jane tap shoe (3800)
  • JAZZ
    • leotard and tights 
    • Jazz pants may be worn over leotard and tights if they are tight around the knees. Dance shorts are permitted.
    • Capezio Caramel jazz shoe (EJ2)
  • TAP
    • leotard and tights
    • Younger students: Capezio Caramel Mary Jane (3800)
    • Older Students: Capezio Caramel Jr. Footlight (561) or Black Capezio (CG09)
  • CLASSICAL BALLET (1 hour class)/POINTE
    • black leotard and pink tights ONLY
    • Capezio pink leather Juliet (2027)
    • Hair MUST be worn close to the face in a secure ballet bun 
    • Pointe: see teacher
    • leotard and tights (footless, stirrup, or convertible)
    • Capezio Leather Turning Pointe 55 (Sophia Lucia) Color: NUD
    • leotard and tights
    • Younger students: Capezio Caramel (EJ2)
    • Older students: Capezio character shoe (confirm with instructor)
  • ACRO
    • leotard and tights
    • no shoes required
    • white t-shirt and black jazz pants
    • Confirm shoes above

REMINDER: to prevent injury, wearing jewelry is strictly prohibited while taking dance class.


Make-Up Classes

All missed classes may be made up until March 30th. Attendance does NOT alter monthly tuition payment. 

Incase of inclement weather, please call the studio 1 HOUR PRIOR to class time.

You can also check our website, as well as our social media pages for any studio updates.