meet the family


Diane Bush - Artistic Director/Instructor

  • Teaches: EVERYTHING
  • 3 Phrases to describe my dance background:
    • I started dancing at age 3, and haven't looked back since.
    • Former Vice President of Dance Educators of America
    • Trained with dance legends such as Charles Kelley, Luigi, Frank Hatchett, just to name a few.
  • Fun Fact: I love Greys Anatomy, and my dancing doggy, Clara (after The Nutcracker's main character)
  • Favorite routine: "On Broadway" (2006), "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (2013), "Newsies" (2017)... I can't decide!


Karen Bush - Director/Instructor

  • Teaches: Pre-Ballet, Tap, Classical Ballet, and Musical Theatre
  • 3 Phrases to describe my dance background:
    • I'm certified through Dance Educators of America.
    • Dance should be fun! I bring dance into the schools, and construct performances with the students.
    • Trained with dance legends Luigi, Phil Black, and Joe Michaels, just to name a few
  • Fun fact: I still can't figure out my iPhone.
  • Favorite routine: "Oliver" (2014)


Briana McCoy - Instructor/Social Media Extraordinare

  • Teaches: Pre-Ballet, Beginner Ballet, Jazz, Acrobatics,  Contemporary Lyrical, Musical Theatre
  • 3 Phrases to describe my dance background:
    • I was born into the dance studio, and started dancing at the age of 2.
    • I received overall choreography recognition for many of my routines. The creative mind never sleeps!
    • I choreographed my first professional show in 2016, "Hats Off to Liza". It payed tribute to one of show business' greatest icons, Liza Minnelli.
  • Fun fact: Ice coffee is life!
  • Favorite routine: "Coming Home" (2017), "Miracle Worker" (2018)  


Brittany McCoy - Instructor

  • Teaches: Acrobatics, Tiny Tap, and Jazz
  • 3 Phrases to describe my dance background:
    • Born and raised a DDD dancer, and I couldn't be prouder!
    • Senior Miss Dance Educators of America 2013, and Overall Highest Scoring Routine for my solo/Senior Miss Trowdown in  2014.
    • Trained with dance innovator Charles Kelley, in Acrobatics. What an experience!
  • Fun fact:  I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, and Rachelle Rak is my spirit animal!
  • Favorite routine: I don't think there's a routine I performed or choreographed that I didn't like. I love them all!